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Goodey's Knitting Toys
Knit King 93 (KK93) Knitting Machine

The KK93 is distributed by Knit King. It is the same machine as the Brother 891 Knitting Machine.
This machine is a 200 needle, standard gauge (4.5mm), punhcard machine with a built-in knitleader.
It takes the current Brother/KnitKing knitting machine needles and the punchcard is a 24 st repeat. It can use the current Brother Ribbers as well as color changers, garter carriage, other accessories.

Its features:

Built-in Intarsia setting on the carriage
Built-in weaving brushes
Single Motif Fairisle
Skip stitch
Multicolor tuck
Multicolor skip stitch
Thread Lace
Lace carriage with both regular and fine lace settings
Plated Knitting
Plated tuck stitch





Click here to view pictures of the KH881 that also has a builtin knitleader. This page has 2 scans of pages from the manuals showing the parts of the carriage as well as the trippers on the carriage that relate to the knitleader.

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