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KnitMaster Super-Plus 7500 --Page 2


This is a direct quote from the manual that accompanied the KnitKing4500:

"Its all the same! Your knit-King model 4500 is in fact the world famous Knitmaster 4500. Your Knit-King was made in the Knitmaster factory in London, the worlds largest Home Knitting Machine Manufacturers. We chose Knit-King (Canada and US Pat applied for) as we thought it is a better name for Canada and the US. Therefore, when ever the enclosed instructions and pattern book refer to Knitmaster, you should read KNIT-KING--the very same instructions apply. KnitKing is the American name for Knitmaster--the only differences being the Trade Mark and the nameplates on the machine."

More facts:
These are the different models of the KnitMaster that I know about:

Knitmaster 3500
Knitmaster 4500 (169 needles)
Knitmaster Super-Plus 5500 (135 needles)
Knitmaster Super-Plus 6500 (169 needles)
Knitmaster Super-Plus 7500 (203 needles)

Next 3 pics show the ribber needle, and parts of the ribber bed apart for cleaning.........




The next 2 pics show first, the gold insignia on the left side of the main bed and the second shows the main bed carriage and the ribber carriage.




Above pic showsm the tools included with the machine as well as the swatches done and shown in progress on the next page.