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Antique KnitKing Knitting Machine Page 2




The above pictures show knitting on the machine. This machine is really quite easy to use. First thing you'll note: No tension mast...thats correct. The yarn sits on the floor in front of your feet. What does that make you think of??? Thats right, INTARSIA.

This machine actually works just like your intarsia carriage.
First of all you e-wrap on,just slightly different than the modern machines, you actually have small "sinkers" between each needle that have a projection on the lower side that your e-wrap goes around as you e-wrap your needles. Not difficult with a tiny bit of practice.
Next you'll note, it does not use cast-on combs or weights.
Thanks to these sinkers, it knits off nicely each row and holds the knitting down where it can't jump off the needles at the same time.
Next, you do not thread the carriage. The carriage mechanism works like the intarsia carriages on newer machines do. It knits the stitches through and brings the needles out to upper working position so so can lay your yarn across for the next row. You have complete visibilty of the stitches as they knit. You also have access to knitting in any yarns at any point, INTARSIA or PICTURE KNITTING.
Hand transferred lace and hand latched ribbing are easily done too.
One last detail, no clamps to clamp the machine to the table. It sits on 2 rubber suction cup-like feet that hold it nicely on the table. Note the tilt of the bed. It is a very easy angle to work with. Instruction manual is well written with good pictures and diagrams.

Antique KnitKing Knitting Machine

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