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Goodey's Knitting Toys
Toyota 787 Knitting Machine

This machine is complete with ribber, punchcards, knit contour, lace carriage, and Simulknit.
The Toyota is known for its Simulknit, a feature accessory added to the ribber which easily produces a single color backing on double jacquard fabric, not nearly as easily produced on most other machines.
This machine has also another interesting feature. It is a 24 stitch punchcard machine with the added versatility of an 12 button selector which you may use to punch in any smaller pattern at will without using a punchcard. You can also combine this feature with the punchcards which definitely gives some very interesting choices.
This machine does a really nice job of ribbing and the carriages are smooth and light moving.
Toyota is no longer being manufactured but needles and spongebars are available from suppliers.
These machines are so well built, little can go wrong with them except for the occasional needle needing replacing.






click on link below to see all the parts and accessories of this machine. Be patient, lots of pictures to load.

Toyota 787 Page 2

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