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Knitmaster Super-Plus 7500--Page 4

Casting on in ribbing, knitting ribbing, and casting off......

To cast on in ribbing:

Insert the ribber into the 2 holes on the main bed designed to hold the ribber. No clamps are necessary.
Now, cast on is a variation of the mainbed cast on, except you must e-wrap around the ribber needles as well.

First: put desired needles on ribber into work and run the carriage on ribber from right to left.
Second: Choose the desired needles for the mainbed and place into work, making sure the end needles are on the mainbed. Run the main carriage from right to left.

Third: ewrap from L to R snugly, going counter clockwise around the mainbed needle and clockwise around the ribber, always being sure to catch the front edge of the sinker between the needles and holding tightly enough to raise the sinker slightly.

Fourth: Run Main carriage @ Tension 1 from L to R
Run ribber carriage from L to R
These movements put the yarn behind the latches with the latches open ready to accept the yarn.

Fifth: Lay yarn over needles, making absolutely sure the yarn sits in the hook of the needle. Also, make sure you have caught the sinker edge before you lay the yarn over the needles.

Sixth: And this seems backwards, but is the ONLY way it works:
Run the ribber from R to L @Tension 8 FIRST (this makes the stitches on the ribber.
Now, run the main bed carriage from R to L@ Tension 4 (yes, the main bed is much lesser tension than the ribber!
Now repeat from side to side, laying th yarn over the needles, and ALWAYS running the ribber carriage first.
When ribbing is complete, using the hook tool, transfer stitches up to main bed, lift ribber out of the way and continue knitting.

Cast off by method you prefer.
If a very loose cast of is preferred, cast off over the sinkers with the latch tool as shown.

Pictures follow:







Chech out the AM3 Knitting machine and the other Antique Knitking knitting machine pages for very similar machines.
Hope you enjoyed seeing these machines...and can see that they actually work......

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