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Goodey's Knitting Toys
Knitmaster Super-Plus 7500--Page 3

How the machine works:
What follows is a condensed version of instructions for use of the machine along with pics of the work in progress:




To cast-on:
Place required needles into working position and run carriage from right to left.
Place yarn on floor by your feet.
Yarn end is secured around the yarn holder on the left holder...actually known as the cast-on eyelet.
Then it is e-wrapped from left to right same as current machines, with one difference, the yarn must go underneath the edge of the sinker between each needle and pulled tightly enough to raise the front of the sinker about 1/8 inch. The yarn must remain tight enough to keep these sinkers raised.
Now, holding this yarn, run the carriage to the right at Tension 1.
Then, lay the yarn over the nedles from right to left, making sure the front edge of the sinker just to the right of the last needle catches the yarn. Now, just as in Intarsia, on the newer machines, run the carriage from R to L.
This is the method used to knit, and works very nicely.
No cast-on combs are used, as the sinkers hold the knitting securely so it can't jump off the needles and feeds evenly downward.

Patterning is hand transferred or hand selected and many, many patterns are included with the instructions in the manual

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